Coding week in Miss Pound’s class.

This week has been coding week, so in Miss Pound’s class we have been programming each other. We learnt all about how computers need algorithms to work and how these are short and simple instructions. We used the idea of short and simple instructions to programme one another. We started by programming Miss Pound to walk safely from the front of the class to the door. We then wrote our own short and simple instructions on how to hop for our friends.


Coding week in Mr Jenks’ class

During coding week we have been looking at programming each other, making sure that we are giving clear and precise instructions like a computer. We have programmed Mrs Baldi to walk safely across the room, avoiding any obstacles and then moved on to programming each other to put our shoes on.


Friday Funday!

What a day Friday was! Year three and four walked to Telford Town Park, we sang as we enjoyed the beautiful nature along the Silkin Way. At the park we climbed to the top of the spiders web and made our way successfully around the tricky adventure playground. A group of us visited the amazing library too!

The big treat for Friday was a table for 90 at the ‘Four Corners’ restaurant. Our children enjoyed different foods from around the world. Their table manners were wonderful and it was a pleasure to hear lovely comments about you all from the staff and others guests in the restaurant.

The children then had a crazy ten minutes before the walk home splashing around in the new water fountains outside Southwater one! It was a very refreshing treat in the hot sun… even the adults were enjoying the cool water! What a wonderful way to end a fantastic year!


Town park trip with years 3 and 4.

Today, the children in years 3 and 4 went on a day trip to the Town park.

They all walked to the Town park where they had fun playing on the play equipment, before, heading to have our food in four corners restaurant. Before heading back they all cooled off playing in the water, having so much fun before walking back to school.

The children were all exceptionally behaved.

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