Harvest for the world

Miss Jones’ class were invited to Sutton Hill Church this morning to ‘Experience Harvest’ with the lovely ladies from ‘messy church’ .

Each group learnt about the harvest from: the ocean, the flock, the garden, the earth and the harvest of the grain. Thank you to Mrs Dotson and Rev. Linda for inviting us.

Our final station was a Jewish inspired sukkah to hang our thanks-giving fruits and take part in some reflection time together.


This is an art attack!

This afternoon we finally completed Our class interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh’s self-portrait. We used mixed media to create a textured collage.

Completing this piece of art made us feel: proud, happy, inspired, calm and relaxed. 🖍🎨


Miss Pounds class would like to say a massive Thank you to Friends of the School for our prize. We donated the most items as a class for Harvest.

Each class within the school have collected donations for the Harvest festival,  the donations within our class have been amazing.

As a result our class won a tasty box of chocolates that we will share later on in class.

Thank you to the children and parents that donated the amazing array of items.



Coding week in Miss Pound’s class.

This week has been coding week, so in Miss Pound’s class we have been programming each other. We learnt all about how computers need algorithms to work and how these are short and simple instructions. We used the idea of short and simple instructions to programme one another. We started by programming Miss Pound to walk safely from the front of the class to the door. We then wrote our own short and simple instructions on how to hop for our friends.