An afternoon of exploring our local habitats

Today we visited many habitats in our local area. We gained lots of knowledge and saw many interesting things along our way.

Can you spot the Buzzards?

Finished with a stunning view!



Year 4 parents

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday 27th March Mr Broderick’s class will be taking part in a nature walk around our local area. This is part of our Science topic, Living things and their habitats.

On Wednesday 28th Mrs Ellis’s class will then be taking part.

Each session will be help in the afternoon, and children will be back to school for the end of day.

Please ensure your child/ren has in a bag to get changed into at lunch time:

  • Trainers, or walking boots which can get muddy as we will be walking along mud paths in woods.
  • Trousers/joggers
  • Plastic bag to put their shoes into after the walk
  • Waterproof coat/jacket or a coat with a hood


We advise that children do not wear wellies as they are not very comfortable when walking for a long time.

We will still be taking part even if it is raining.


Thank you for your support

Mrs Ellis and Mr Broderick