Ciao from Mrs Barton’s class

Yesterday was European Day of Languages so in Year 3 we learnt some key Italian phrases and facts about the country. Today, we made our own pizzas, had a spaghetti slurping competition and sampled Italian biscuits. We are in the process of  constructing our own Towers of Pisa


Miss Craddock’s classes role play

Today we were role playing some of the tricks Mr and Mrs Twit from Ronald Dahl’s The Twits book, played on each other.

Here are just a few:

Worms in the spaghetti bolognese trick.

Mia and Lucas made up their own trick which was, honey on Mr Twit for the bees to chase him.

Glass eye ball in Mr Twits beer.​

Katie and Michael also made up their own trick where Mr Twit dug a hole for Mrs Twit to fall in.​