Science investigations in Miss Burridge’s class.

We have been investigating sound and how to muffle it to make ear defenders. First we made string telephones which we used to test the different materials. We discovered that newspaper was the best at stopping the sound travelling to our  



Farewell to Miss Collier

Miss Collier has been on her final teaching placement with Miss Burridge’s class since just before the Easter break. She has been a fantastic addition to the team making many valuable contribution to the children’s learning. She has been very successful and now has gained a teaching post for September in another school. We all wish her every success in her post with a class of her own. 



Eco club investigate owl pellets 

The owl conservation group kindly provided Eco Club with some owl pellets to investigate. Owls eat their prey whole then regurgitate a pellet of the material they can’t eat. When you examine this pellet you can discovered what they eat.

The findings were truly amazing with whole skulls tiny bones which we could pice together to show complete animals such as voles and mice.